We are a FULL service Tattoo & Piercing shop located in Southern Indiana. We offer the boldest lines and the brightest colors in the business.


When it comes to something permanent on your body, don’t “shop” around for the cheapest prices, let our work speak for itself!


We are very competitive in all of our fields so let us have a chance to earn your business.


Your only limitation is your imagination…If you can Think it We can Ink it!!


We now offer the latest and greatest in tattoo removal technology.

We accept cash, credit cards and have a lay-a-way plan for our clients.

We do not offer refunds on anything or service in the shop.

Info For Minors

Our minimum age for tattoos and piercings is 16. No exceptions, it’s the law. Minors must be accompanied by a parent.

Proof of relation is required. The ONLY 2 forms we can accept are: Minor’s birth certificate along with parents ID as long as parent is listed on birth certificate. We can also accept a minor’s ID and parent’s ID as long as BOTH the last name AND address match on the ID’s.

In the event that both minor and parents have ID’s but they don’t match, we need the birth certificate also. We strictly enforce this policy.

Valid identification that we can accept includes birth certificate, state issued ID card, learner’s permit, driver’s license, passport, and military ID.

We do not accept any of the following as ID: dated mail, insurance cards, social security cards, or any papers from a doctors office.

If the minor is in custody of anyone besides a parent please call the shop to determine documentation you need to bring.

Small children are not allowed in the shop for safety reasons. Older children are allowed as long as the are supervised AT ALL TIMES. If child is loud, sick, crying, or not able to sit quietly you will be asked to remove them from the shop. Children are not allowed in any of the booths under any circumstances.

Be mindful that we are an adult establishment. Some art may contain adult content and adult language may be heard.






I have been a lover of the industry from a very young age and knew this is where I belong. Now I get to do what I love, making minor changes to one’s appearance that positively affects them in a big way.  I have been piercing at the shop since 2015 and perform a wide range of piercings. As of 2016 I have also been certified to perform laser tattoo removal. I have had great success in lightening or fully removing tattoos of any color ink and skin type.



After a long on and off apprenticeship starting in 1996, I started tattooing in late 2002. Being a young father and family man made it hard to tattoo full time. After quite a few years of traveling and trying to find my place in the industry, I settled locally in 2010. I have been in the area ever since. I love tattooing as a craft and enjoy anything that presents a challenge. I am mostly known for specializing in cover ups and detail work, but i try to be as versatile as possible.



After going to art school for a few years, I knew I would always be an artist. I really wanted to apply my skills into the real world. I was always interested in tattooing and the culture that has been created by such creative people throughout the decades. Being a part of tattooing allows me to leave a mark in this life. This is the best experience I could ask for.








Xtreme Laser is your premier destination for expert laser tattoo removal. Our laser specialist has

extensive experience in removal of all types of tattoos from various locations on the body, and has had

successful results on all skin types.




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